Life Experience as Portrayed in Poetry

July 14, 2017 at 5:27 am Thomas Reischel

How to Translate Your Life Experience into a Beautiful Poem

life experience

Have you ever written a poem about your life experience?

Once in a while, you discover that life is best portrayed as a form of literature. Sure, you could write everything that comes to mind without really minding your words, but it is never the same. Poetry best portrays life experience because you have to make the words and emotions flow artistically into one fluid motion, enough to move the readers into understanding life the same way as you have experienced.

There are times when life allows you to experience something that plain words cannot describe. Memorable experience especially demands a documentation that neither photos nor storytelling will be able to portray. Poetry enables you to capture the moment the exact way that you want others to grasp when they read your work. Ordinary daily sceneries and tasks become epic when you write them in a poem. It also gives you the opportunity to experience and see life to the full as you tend to be more aware of your surroundings.

Your life experiences can be as surprising as Trump’s sure ascent to the presidency or as obvious as the sun that rises from east and sets on the west. There is no better way to explain its beauty and wonder than to translate it into poetry. The best thing about poetry is that it not only justifies your experience but also doubles the impact of what that particular experience gave you.

For many poets, life experiences give them great inspiration to write great poems. You can have that kind of inspiration too when you decide to write one. Since your life experiences shaped you into the person you are today, these precious moments should be treasured and kept into beautiful poetry.

I have carefully carved my life experiences into poetry in my Picture Poems series. Dear reader, you can look for Poem 40 “My Sacred Spot,” and Poem 48 “Poetic Worlds” in Volume 1; Poem 14 “Comes the Muse,” and Poem 38 “Light at the End” in Volume 2; Poem 5 “Momma Killdeer,” Poem 35 “Such as Day,” and Poem 43 “The Crowd Was Wow’d” in Volume 3.

life experience

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  1. This is the first I come across, my feeling and thought are not understood by many. I have several poems that I have written but many refuse to publish them due to the graphic detail of my true expressed feelings. I would love for you to read some of my work.

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