How to Grab Opportunities to Boost Your Online Presence

August 30, 2017 at 8:54 am Thomas Reischel

You should remember the importance of creating and managing your online presence.

online presence

The new age of technology brought the world closer, tearing down physical barriers, and building bridges by connecting people from one part of the globe to the other. Information is not hard to come by. The internet is a treasure trove of facts, assumptions, opinions, and endless material that can enhance the mind or manipulate it into submission. I prefer to use this advancement in a positive way.

As an author, poet, and photographer, I need to maintain an online presence. Just think how this can impact my works. I can market my poems and photographs through various online platforms with far wider reaches.

Creating an online presence requires knowledge, skills, and presence. The beginning is the most difficult part as you have to master the ins and outs of different online tools available at your disposal. There should be a strategy to utilize every platform available, and how to link and connect them to each other.

Creating is one thing, managing your online presence is another. If there is willingness on your part, though, you will surely thrive in this endeavor.

Take me as an example. I own and manage a number of websites for different purposes. It is part of the means to maximize my online presence. Aside from my website, Reischel’s Reflections, which features my biographical information and highlights my books, Picture Poems Volumes 1, 2, 3, I also have my own blog on WordPress called Thomas Reischel’s Blog where I am in the process of posting every poem that I’ve ever written and lots of other items.

online presence

And then there are the basic social media networks. I have two Facebook accounts. One is a personal account, which I use for family, games, and friends. Admittedly, I am not posting much there lately, but I will in the future, after I get all my books rolling. The second one is my Facebook author page, where I post information related to poetry, photography, and my books.

There is also Twitter. It is where I also post information related to poetry, photography, and my books in 140 characters or less. The platform provides me with an easy and accessible way to post short updates.

As an author, I have a Goodreads account. This website holds thousands of books that members can review. It is an interesting means to connect with book lovers and critics everywhere.

I also upload videos on my YouTube channel.  My professional information can be found in LinkedIn.

I am an avid photographer. More than nine hundred of my photographs can be found in Capture Minnesota. I am also a member of FanArtReview, a private online community of photographers who post and review each other’s work. What I like is that your pictures posted there are picked up and used by other authors and poets on Fanstory.

online presence

My poems, on the other hand, are mostly posted in Fanstory. This website also requires subscription. It is where international authors post and review their works. I have about two thousand poems posted there.

I believe that online presence is a must. The world is rapidly changing. More and more traditional print platforms are closing, so it is only sensible to ride the wave of the new trend and turn it to your advantage.

I hope I have provided ideas about the importance of online presence. If you wish to connect with me through social media, just find me on FACEBOOKTWITTER, and GOODREADS. You can also learn more about me and my books by clicking here. Have a great day!

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