Mastering Different Poetic Styles

June 30, 2017 at 8:27 am Thomas Reischel

How to enhance poetic skill while remaining true to the real purpose of poetry.


There are several poetic styles known to most people. These styles were developed or discovered by prominent literary figures from different generations. The composition of these different styles vary according to length, device, and sometimes even syllabication.

poetic style

Some of the popular poetic styles are sonnet, haiku, epic, and free verse. A sonnet has fourteen lines and uses an iambic pentameter, with lines that rhyme at the end. Contrary to popular notion, it was not invented by Shakespeare. He only developed it. The haiku originated in Asia, most popularly in Japan, and is three lines long. It follows a 5-7-5 syllabication. The epic is one of the lengthiest forms of poetry which focuses on heroes and adventures. Free verses are, as the name describes, free. No rules are applied. The author may do whatever he or she wants.

Most people are experts in a single poetic style. However, composing poetry using different poetic styles is not at all impossible.

Poetic skill can be enhanced through practice and familiarization of the different phonetic stylistic devices. Getting to know the different techniques used in poetry allow the poet to be more versatile in his or her choice of words and topics. Another effective method in mastering different poetic styles is immersion. Poets who immerse themselves in different styles and forms can better understand poetry. Knowing what makes one style different from the other educates poets on how to properly write their own poems using the various poetic styles.

Poetry is beautiful in all its forms. It has evolved alongside different generations. Despite its varying forms and continuous development, one element remains the same. Poetry, no matter from what time, no matter with which poetic style, conveys emotions. The importance of poetry lies on the emotion it evokes in the readers and audiences.

poetic style

In Picture Poems series, I demonstrate a number of different poetic styles. Each poem identifies and explains the form. For example, I have stretched the definition of a Sonnet to qualities other than consisting of 14 lines or expressed in iambic pentameter. In addition, each volume contains a glossary of poetry types.

I would very much like to hear about your poetry. Feel free to tweet me @ThomasReischel about your favorite poetic style and which style you want to learn.



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