Author releases new book. A Poetic journey through Sonnets

April 27, 2018 at 8:24 pm Thomas Reischel

Author releases new book about Sonnets with 84 format variations, 170 original poems in this genre.

Sonnets like you’ve never known them before. Their beauty and complexities revealed.” A Journey through this beautiful poetic form.

A Poetic Journey

An exciting adventure within the form that takes you along. Traveling far through the terrain of the Sonnet. Starting with the Standard Formats. See how some Famous Poets take liberties with the structure and Sonnet Variation
-moving the Couplet,
-changing the Type of Stanzas,
-adding more Lines,
-adopting creative Rhyme Schemes,
-examining the Line Length, and Meter.
-shorter lenght.
-use of refrains.
-complex variations


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