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Animated Stills

This book is an Inspiration of Life from photographs. As a photographer, I roam around and take pictures of many things. Some of those pictures contain images where I see something in them. As a Poet, this sparks my imagination, my Muse, to poetically interpret that “something” into action. So a poem is born. I write about it, and ask the readers if they see it too. That is the basis of this book of Animated Stills. The “stills” part comes from the photograph. The “animated” portion is where poet brings the perceived image to life for the reader. Animated stills are poems where inanimate objects take on human, animal, or spirit forms, traits, or articles. They are derived from Photographs I have taken, that have moved me to write a poem associated with it. I believe that photography and poetry go together well. One form paints a visual picture while the other creates a poetic image. Together, the synergy becomes very powerful. At least, that is what  hope I have achieved here. Here is an excerpt from Poem 26. Firebird, from which the cover photo is taken. Oh Firebird, of myth and ash, Your purpled plumes rise from the flames, And like the heat returning sun, Renewal forms your mythic claims. Oh Phoenix, formed from fire’s force, Your legend burns across the sky, In trails of smoke and glowing arch, On toasted wings that make sparks fly. Oh Benu glyph of ancient myth, In resurrection of the soul, Set free the purgatory lost Their spirit cleanse to make them whole. And once their essence has renewed Feed them with your spiritual food    
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Take Flight: The Sonnets

A Poetic Journey like none before. An exciting adventure within the Sonnet form that takes you along. Traveling far through the terrain of the Sonnet. Starting with the Standard Formats, see how some Famous Poets take liberties with the structure and Sonnet Variation -moving the Couplet, -changing the Type of Stanzas, -adding more Lines, -adopting creative Rhyme Schemes, -examining the Line Length, and Meter. -shorter Overall Length -use of Refrains. -poetic Sequences -complex Variations  
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Picture Poems 1

Poetry and photography blend together beautifully in this author's work. On their own, each is exquisite. Combined, they become something else—a powerful composition that blends the best of both: that is what happens in this book.

The explanations give poetry lovers and budding poets a deeper appreciation of the genre. This will appeal to lovers of photography, poetry, and students alike.

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Picture Poems 2

A photograph is worth a thousand words. Poetry paints word pictures using poetic imagery.

The author is inspired by the image, and from it, poetry flows to dance and enhance the whole upon the page. Images from the eye of a photographer that translate to the mind of the poet.

The chapters have been organized by the category of photograph for the picture lovers, then in alphabetical order of the poem’s title. There are chapters with Animal/Wildlife, Birds, Flowers, Gardens, Paths, Scenes, as well as Sunrise and Sunsets.

Author Releases Three Volumes of His Book, “Picture Poems”

Thomas Reischel stuns his readers with beautiful photography and poetry.

Saint Paul, Minnesota – WEBWIRE – Thursday, January 19, 2017

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, but a photograph mixed with a beautifully written poem is worth more than a thousand words. This is exactly what author Thomas Reischel gives his readers in his three-volume book, Picture Poems.

From volumes I to III of Picture Poems, the autho


About the Author

Thomas G. Reischel was born in 1948, to a family of 5 brothers and 2 sisters. He attended the University of Minnesota from 1966 until he graduated from U of M Night School in 1977. He joined Univac (the first computer manufacturer) in 1967 and worked there for 44+ years. During that time he was relocated to Pueblo, Colorado; Great Neck, NY.; and back again to Minnesota. He lived in Colorado Springs from 1985 until 1991, and in St. James, LI, New York from 1991 until 1996. During his career Univac was bought and sold several times, becoming Sperry Univac, Sperry, Unisys, Paramax, Loral, and finally Lockheed Martin, from which he was laid off/retired in August 2011. Between. . .[Read More]

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Oh Firebird, of myth and ash, 
Your purpled plumes rise from the flames, 
And like the heat returning sun, 
Renewal forms your mythic claims. 

Oh Phoenix, formed from fire's force, 
Your legend burns across the sky, 
In trails of smoke and glowing arch, 
On toasted wings that make sparks fly. 

Oh Benu glyph of ancient myth, 
In resurrection of the soul, 
Set free the purgatory lost 
Their spirit cleanse to make them whole. 

And once their essence has renewed 
Feed them with your spiritual food 


Animated Stills

Animated Stills

by: Thomas G Reischel

Come and see what the Poet sees


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So, are there fourteen lines in every Sonnet, 
and with iambic pentameter on it? 
Do all the Sonnets have a structured rhyme? 
And are the stanzas quatrains all the time? 

The English may have Shakespearean styles. 
Italians also have their own profiles, 
with eight line octaves and six line sestets, 
that's really not as complex as it gets. 

For I have found that there are many more. 
In fact, there's variations quite galore, 
of meter, length, and of stanzaic form. 
Amazing how some poets stretch the norm. 

I searched the network under every nook. 
From all my findings, then, I wrote this book. 

Take Flight: The Sonnets

A poetic journey through the Sonnet format.

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Those chubby cheeks that hold the seed,
A fuzzy face soon raids the stash.
He pilfers grain the birdies need,
This little guy's manners, so brash.

Picture Poems 1

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Three golden birds with golden song
Flew in to eat sunflower seed.
Bright feathers flashing color creed
Of deepest hue to come along.
I hope they feel that they belong
In my backyard.
I'll feed their need.
Three golden birds with golden song
Flew in to eat sunflower seed.

Picture Poems 2

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Volume 3

Poem #14:


A Kestrel’s talons
Are a raptor’s wicked tool,
Have hard sharpened ends.
So follow all safety rules.
They don’t suffer any fools.


Excerpt from New Book Animated Stills

This is from Poem 1 in the New Book

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5th Book Published, Animated Stills, October 2019 Release

I have just published my fifth book.

Its available from my new publisher Xlibris

Buy it at any of these sites:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Animated-Stills-Pareidolia-Thomas-Reischel-ebook/dp/B07YQN1WZM/ref=sr_1_2?ke

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New Contest Entered

Palettte Poetry’s Contest

Hey friends and family, wish me luck! I just submitted some of my work to Palette Poetry’s Previously Published Poem Prize! It offers a $2500 prize and publication. More details here: https://www.palettepoetry.com/current-contest/

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Picture Poems 1

Picture Poems 2

Picture Poems 3

Taken Flight

SEE OTHER BOOK OF Thomas G. Reischel

Sonnets like you've never seen them before.

take flight

Their beauty and complexities revealed.


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