Take Flight: The Sonnets

Take Flight: The Sonnets

Written by Thomas G. Reischel

An exciting adventure within the Sonnet form that takes you along. Traveling far through the terrain of the Sonnet. Starting with the Standard Formats, see how some Famous Poets take liberties with the structure and Sonnet Variation

  • Moving the Couplet
  • Changing the Type of Stanzas
  • Adding More Lines
  • Adopting Creative Rhyme Schemes
  • Examining the Line Length, and Meter
  • Shorter Sonnets
  • Sonnet Refrains
  • Sonnet Sequen
  • Complex Variations

About the Book

Poetry is both an art and a form of expression. Thomas G. Reischel has created a distinctive poetry collection with over 100 sonnets, blended with photographs that the author himself captured. The collection shows 74 different styles or formats of sonnets which Thomas has identified.

“I hope one can just read the poetry and enjoy it but particularly become emerged in the true beauty of this lovely poetic form,” says Thomas G. Reischel.

A masterpiece that is yet to unfold, Take Flight: The Sonnets perfectly mirrors nature and its grandeur.

Take Flight: The Sonnets


What golden droplets fall from Autumn's veil
To drape in brilliant color 'cross this trail
For shoes to shuffle slowly through them all
A pleasure that's unique to only Fall

These blended hues provide a gorgeous sight
When orange and yellow tinges first ignite
To make the yards and neighborhoods invite
The passersby to marvel with delight

Then Oh, how very wonderful it feels
To have the leaflets crunch beneath our heels
To blow in swirling whirlpools in the breeze
As colors clothe those staying in the trees

Let me walk within this glowing splendor
That only finest artists ever tender.

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“The poems are really lovely. The beautiful images add to the artistic effect of the poems.”

J. G. Loveless, Mobile, Alabama

“I have always loved poetry, and I’ve bought a lot of poetry collections. Take Flight is a great addition to my collection. The poems are written beautifully and artistically. Thomas showed over dozens of sonnet forms that even I never knew existed.”

Digna Frantz, Chambersburg, Illinois

“Thomas Reischel is an artist. Plain and simple. I love the images in every poem. His words inspire and show his love for nature.”

M. Turner, Little Rock, Arkansas