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How to Grab Opportunities to Boost Your Online Presence

August 30, 2017 Thomas Reischel

You should remember the importance of creating and managing your online presence.
The new age of technology brought the world closer, tearing down physical barriers, and building bridges by connecting people from one part of the globe to the other. Information is not hard to come by. The internet is a treasure trove of facts, assumptions, opinions, and e . . .


The Simple yet Remarkable Ways to Survive the Corporate World

August 23, 2017 Thomas Reischel

How to make it in the corporate world without discarding your love for poetry.
A good part of my life was spent in the corporate world. For a little over forty-four years, I worked for a large defense contractor, starting in 1967 and finally retiring in 2011. Over the years, the company had changed hands and names. It started out as Univac, the company tha . . .